When creating this design for DBH/Wacom's 60 Minute Contest, I decided to embrace the most recent events in American news. The latest war against global heating has impacted a large percentage of the earth and with heat on the rise comes wild fires that will lay waste to anything in its path. Like our troops and law enforcement, these men and women that fight on the front lines of fires, willingly put themselves in harms way for the greater good of the people in their communities, state, and country. 
But of course while fire fighters, officers of the law and troops protect our country, people plot war and even shoot up innocent couples at movie theaters, thus bringing a whole new side to coin.  I believe this design allows people to realize this country is safe but always faces an impending apocalyptic end. This is a homage to both sides of the coin and its also a great representation of the topic or theme "The End is Nigh...". Which is typically displayed by a man in a crowded place with a sign over his shoulders with the words written in bold letters.  
When it comes to method, my process was a lot like some of the basics you learn in a figure drawing class. You first get your gesture down and build your bone, muscles and skin around the motion the form is delivering. When you only have 60 minutes to create a theme based design the best thing to do is manage your time wisely and dont worry about the details. 

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