Expansion LA - Brand Identity A Monthly Excursion Exploring the Advancement of Music and Art  (
When approached by the clients of Expansion (Project Sweatshop, The Service Company, and Hummingbird Ranch Music) they provided me with a photo of a Satellite as there source of material for their theme. From that I pitched that the branding for Expansion be based off of the Science Fiction Comics and Classic Sci Fi Films. The clients approved the idea and after a short time of deliberation I began to create the storyline. 

The Posters and Flyers that were created feature a man and women facing different experiences on a foreign planet that has been taken over by a machine like objects. Inspiring the guests to assume each volume of Expansion would provide an adventure worthy of the setting. The Hummingbird Nest Ranch is a Multi-Million Dollar Mansion that sits on 123 Acres of Land and has been featured in many motion pictures.

The Science Fiction Theme was crucial to the production of the stage placements, overall layout and flow of traffic, placement of installations, lighting design, interactive dancers and performers, visual displays and more.

Video Via Crooked Vision
Video via Roger L. Griffith
 Music by Nosaj Thing, commentary by Alan Watts
Video shot and edited by:
Ben Webber

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