"Flossy" Mixed Media on Canvas 5' x 3'
A Wonderful Mistake and You May Want - When creating these collaborations we have developed a unique blend of neon colored patterns and clean typography that is sure to capture the West Coast Hip Hop Essence that stems from a childhood of skateboarding and street art in suburbia. These paintings involve photo realistic faces that are first sketched from reference drawings or photos surronded by abstract shapes and cartoon that are sure to strike your inner sense of play. With their deep ties to Graffiti, Evan Mendelson (aka A Wonderful Mistake) and Curtis Scoville (You May Want), have blurred the line between what is considered "street art" and "fine art" allowing a full spectrum of viewers to establish a connection with these artworks.
"Untitled" Mixed Media on Canvas 5' x 3'
Skull Progress - Under Painting
"Skull Study" Mixed Media on 4'x4' Canvas
"Kendrick Lamar" Mixed Media on Canvas 4' x 4'

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