2012 Personal Resume

Personal Resume for Curtis Scoville - Created in 2012

Personal Resume
The "skills" section is usually comprised of two separate entities "Software Skills" & "Design Skills", these two sections are usually synchronized with how your skills are distributed, so in my skills section I decided to comprise my software skills into a large mass of gears. At the core you see Adobe Photoshop, but with each gear being a vital entity of the machine, each piece of software is equal in value. These gears drive my design skills, which in this illustration happens to be a fluid that is dispersed throughout pipes into a row of tubes. I decided to use liquid for the design skills, because the liquid reflects the constant change in level depending on what job I obtain. This fluid then filters into  tank that is placed on a shelf where I display my hobbies. Hobbies are great thing to include on your resume, because it can help the employer gain topics to break the ice when speaking to you. 
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